AUTISM SOCIETY OF INDIA was founded by a team of parents and professionals in May 2006.

We have around more than 800 members across india.

Advocacy for inclusion of Autism as a disability in the PWD Act of 1995 is the major goal of ASI.

The aim of AUTISM SOCIETY OF INDIA, is to function as a NATIONAL body for concerted action on all matters relating to persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families.The objectives are aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals with ASD by securing for them all fundamental rights as enjoyed by all citizens under the Constitution of India. This includes provision of remedial, educational, training, employment, respite, residential, welfare and social security services, as well as legal rights and protection.

The Autism Society Of India will:
Be an independent and strong voice of the autism (ASD) community across India

  • Advocate to secure adequate representation in policymaking and implementing bodies of the Central and State Governments and local level bodies.
  • Advocate for legal rights and protection of persons with Autism Spectrum disorders
  • Advocate for education (special and inclusive) together with social rights of persons with Autism Spectrum disorders
  • Form a common bond of understanding, cooperation and action among professionals , parents and families, affected by the challenges of ASD as well as organisations working in the area of intellectual / developmental disabilities at the national and international level.
  • Promote awareness and sensitization in the community as well as in medical, legal, educational and other related fields through awareness and training programs